Vehicle Compliance

Tranzaura Driver Compliance

Why use Tranzaura’s Vehicle Compliance software?

1 – No paper needed

Your drivers can carry out their vehicle checks on a mobile device, eliminating the need for paper log books and your administration overhead of manually entering the details into systems afterwards.

2 – Instant access to your driver vehicle checks history

A full history of your driver’s vehicle checks, including driver signature and GPS location, is available in the web management system for TranzSafety.

3 – Simple management of your company’s vehicle checks

Our system allows you a simple way of setting up and managing your vehicle safety checks for the specific vehicle type(s) that you manage. No longer will you need to organise a re-print of your log books whenever a new vehicle type or check is introduced or modified, once you change your vehicle checks in our system, they are instantly available to your drivers using our mobile app.

4 – Instant access to vehicle defects

Defect photos and details recorded by your drivers are instantly uploaded to the backend web management system for instant review and management by your Transport Managers, eliminating unnecessary vehicle downtime.

5 – Simple management of your vehicle defects

Defects are managed by our user friendly Batch Management screen. This allows Transport Managers to search for defects based on their own search criteria, set priorities and assign to an internal or external maintenance provider for resolution.

6- Instant alerts to maintenance providers for vehicle maintenance

As soon as the Transport Manager assigns defects to an internal or external maintenance provider, an email alert is sent to the designated personnel with details of vehicle maintenance. Maintenance providers can also log into the management system and resolve defects assigned, completing the management loop and maintaining an audit trail.

7 – Detailed reports at your finger tips

Get a better understanding of your fleet, defects and their adherence to safety by viewing the detailed checks, defects and driver reports.

Report Types:

  • Checks by Pre-departure duration
  • Defects by Status (Open, Assigned, Closed)
  • Defects per Vehicle Type
  • Top 5 vehicles with Defects reported
  • Defects count by Depot
  • Daily insight and drilldown capability into which vehicles have not completed their daily checks.
  • Average Time taken for Completed Checks
  • Average Turnaround Time for Defects reported
  • Average Unresolved Time for Defects reported