Driver Compliance

Knowledge, Awareness, Training and Education

Ask yourself the following questions: Are your drivers the most disenfranchised element of your operation? Are they the public face of your business? Do you want to reduce the chance that they have an incident on the road? Do you want to improve the overall performance of your drivers, and most importantly, are safety and legal compliance key for your business? If you answered yes to any of these then KATE is for you.

KATE is a platform that compliments, enhances and supports existing training programmes through the delivery of essential content to drivers, as well as providing insight into the effectiveness of such material.

  • DRIVE daily awareness
  • REDUCE risk
  • INFORM quickly
  • VALIDATE learning
  • ENSURE safety

At Tranzaura, we know that it’s not always possible to gather all of your drivers in the one place at the same time and then ensure that the training they’ve undertaken will stick with them as they get back out on the road. That’s where KATE comes in.

  • REDUCE the risk of accidents/incidents
  • DRIVE daily awareness
  • ENSURE safety is the highest priority
  • KEEP key safety message at the centre of every job

“Prior to the implementation of KATE, arranging training for over 100 drivers was a proverbial nightmare. Now, thanks to KATE we can get our safety message out to everybody at the click of a button” – Kev Stephenson, Fleet Manager for Bywaters

  • MANAGE multiple initiatives and formats effortlessly using simple and intuitive admin control


  • MONITOR the delivery, level of engagement and effectiveness of training programmes and the material itself


  • CUSTOMISE and schedule content based on individual performance, company requirements – and even the weather


  • TARGETED message delivery. Don’t overload the drivers who don’t need it